Make an Impact With an International Development Degree or Journalism Degree

There are many ways of going about finding a career that can give you opportunities to make a difference in the world and travel in the process. You may pursue an international development degree and have a part in the economic development in countries all around the world. You can also look into a journalism degree and be the first to report on the happenings all around the world. In either case, you want to have the right preparations and connections to get you closer to the career you want.

When you decide to pursue an international development degree, you want to make sure you have the right courses in your area. You not only need a theoretical foundation in which to understand international development and other disciplines related to it. You need to find a program that gives you the opportunity to perform analytical research, cross-cultural learning and directed studies. You can also find out if the program offers you a well-rounded understanding of concepts in international development studies, management skills, research skills and supplementary disciplines.

In addition to these theoretical foundations, it is also very important to have practical knowledge and the chance to work in the field before obtaining your degree. You should work with professors who have experience in the field and can give you a good idea of what to expect. They should also help you with the connections you need to establish yourself as an expert in your discipline whether you want to work directly with those in the developing countries or indirectly with international development funding and executing organizations.

You can also have an impact in a different way if you pursue a journalism degree. In journalism, you need to make sure you get the tools you need for effective communication through all forms of media, including the constantly evolving forms of social media that have changed the way people receive their news and information. Your program should teach you how to bring together audio, text and video once you have learned the important skills of interviewing, reporting and researching through traditional means.

While you are learning the fundamentals of journalism and the ways to incorporate social media into your work, you should also have the opportunity to work with the latest state of the art equipment to prepare yourself for what you will encounter on the job. You may not realize the importance of theory within the discipline, but you do need to acquire the theoretical and historical knowledge in journalism to help you understand your place in the field and society.